The beautiful places of the city of Abu Dhabi



You will get to read about some amazing places of Abu Dhabi Below that will be worth visiting in your Abu Dhabi Tour.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque:

There are a lot of mosques in Abu Dhabi with very different and unique architecture within it. Each and every mosque here at Abu Dhabi is so beautiful that it is enough to make one fall in love with this beauty. But among all these beautiful mosques, sheikh Zayed mosque is the one which ranks number one in beauty and uniqueness. The Islamic architecture that is done within it is just amazing. Visitors of every religion are allowed to go inside this mosque and explore it. You will just love each and every side ofthis mosque. Also, the peaceful vibes that you get here will be beyond words. This mosque is a must visit in your Abu Dhabi Tour.

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Ferrari world:

If someone asks me that what is the most entertaining activity that can be done in Abu Dhabi Tour, without any second thought I will say that go and visit the Ferrari world and experience the most amazing and thrilling rides there. For the ones who don’t know about this place let me tell them that the Ferrari world is an indoor amusement park. This place is located near Yas Island. Ferrari world has made a lot of records mostly for the rides. This park has the most unique and huge rides. You will love riding on every ride here in your Abu Dhabi Tour.

Emirates Palace:

Do you want a royal treatment for a few days? Come here at the Emirates Palace and experience the royal and luxurious lifestyle. Emirates Palace is a hotel having 14 restaurants within it alongside some bars. This hotel also has a marina and spa within it. The best thing about this hotel is that it has a gym too. Basically, it has everything that one wants to relax on their trip. Whenever you feel tired in your Abu Dhabi Tour trip just come to Emirates palace and relax.

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Yas Island:

When one hears the word Island all they can think of is just a normal Island. But Yas Island is an Island that has multi purposes. This island is a center of multiple activities like shopping, entertainment and many more. The best thing about this island is that the Ferrari world is attached to it which can help one have the best kind of rides within their visit to Yas Island. Come to this island in your Abu Dhabi Tour and enjoy every moment of your it.


Dates Market:

Want to eat the best quality dates? Come here at Abu Dhabi and get to eat the dates that are best in taste as well as in quality. The traffic of people you will see here will be just amazing as a number of people visit this market and buy dates from here. You should also visit this date market in your Abu Dhabi Tour.

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